Ministry & Group Leaders

As a reminder, please note the following: ~~ If your group or Ministry will be mee ng or using our Facili es from July 1, 2017—June 30, 2018, You MUST complete a Facili es Request Form, available in the Rectory Office. Leaders will be no fied when requests have been fulfilled. ~~ All Adults that...

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Vatican Corner 07-09-17

VATICAN CORNER On April 10, 2017 it was the first grand opening of a laundromat by a pope. Inside the “People of Peace Center”, a former hospital complex near the Vatican in the central Trastevere area of Rome, Pope Francis celebrated his latest gift to the city’s poor and homeless. It is a...

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Pastors Desk 07-09-17

Some of the quotes, sayings and speeches are so wonderful and thought provoking that we remembered them forever. One such speech I heard was spoken by our major seminary rector on the day of the Sacerdotal Silver Jubilee celebration of one of our seminary professors. In his speech our Rector said,...

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