Deacon Dave’s Baptism Series: Part 2

Why Godparents? So often this question is answered “ because the church said I had to have two ”, or “ my relative said I needed them ”; even more shocking answer, “ to care for the child if something happens to the parents ”. As a convert to Catholicism, I shuddered every time I heard that answer...

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Vatican Corner 09-02-18

On Tuesday August 14, 2018 a shocking 1,300 page report from a Pennsylvania grand jury was released that described alleged child and young – adult sexual abuse of more than 1,000 victims by 301 Catholic priests, brothers, deacons and seminarians, over a 70 year period. The report also...

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Vatican Corner 08-26-18

An antipope, by definition is a person who is opposed to the legitimately elected Pope and makes a significant competing claim to be the Pope. At various times between the 3rd and mid 15th centuries, antipopes were supported by a substantial number of cardinals and non – religious monarchs....

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