Lenten Reflections ~~ Week of Sunday March 11-Saturday March 18th

Can you imagine being asked to sacrifice the life of your own son? God did this for us so that we might be saved. The
cross serves as a bridge of love between the Divine and us. We are asked to sacrifice during Lent but nothing like what
Jesus gave to us on that cross. Sacrificing all the chocolate, soda, car radio, and video games will never compare to God’s
What have I really sacrificed for God or my faith?
We all need healing at times. Sometimes we require others to convince or even force us to seek out the help we need. In
today’s Gospel, a Roman official asked Jesus to heal his son. It was by his father’s faith and request that the boy was
healed. Some days we are like the boy and in need of assistance. Some days we are the Roman official who needs to
become an instrument of healing for someone we love.
Who needs me to gently push them toward God’s healing power?
Jesus healed many, including those who were lame and crippled. Now they could walk among the masses as living signs of
the power of God. You and I may never have been healed in this way, but surely God has done some great things in our
lives as well. We need to walk through this world as living signs as well. Then those who need healing in this world will
have a greater chance of meeting their healer.
In what ways has God offered me healing in my life?
Through his death and resurrection, Jesus Christ conquered death so that it has no power over us. That being said, death
still comes to us all in time. We pray that those we have loved are living eternally with God. As we reflect on this
communion of saints during the Lenten season, may we be ever mindful of our need for repentance and reconciliation so
that we may one day join the saints and angels.
Who is my patron saint and when was the last time I asked them to pray for me?
We are well into Lent, so it is time to ask if we have really taken advantage of all the season offers us. Have we gone to
confession, seeking with a repentant heart? Have we been faithful to fasting and abstinence? Have we been generous and
shared what we have with the poor? Have we attended devotions, like the Stations of the Cross or Rosary, with our faith
community? Jesus came to us in the flesh, asking all to accept him. When he walked on the earth, many chose not to
believe. Do you actively and sincerely accept him now?
Where can I really focus for the rest of the Lenten season to get ready for Easter?
As we engage in fasting and abstinence during this Lenten season, we are called to reflect on what it is that we truly
depend upon in this life. Jesus offers us true nourishment through the Eucharist and his Word. He quenches our thirst
with the living waters of baptism. The hunger and thirst we feel daily can be appeased with food and water. But we will
hunger and thirst forever without partaking in what Jesus offers to all who choose to receive.
Do I reflect on — and take seriously — what Jesus offers me through his word and body?
Too often, Jesus is thought of as more of a topic of theology or a subject in a bible study class. We dissect his every word
and can even argue about them. These discussions and study are important, but we must never allow them to obscure the
fact that Jesus is ALIVE and REAL. He wants us to know him, not just from the words of Scripture, but through a genuine
relationship. He calls each of us every day to draw closer to him and to truly be a concrete part of our daily life.
How would I describe my relationship with Jesus? What can I do to draw closer to him?