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Bulletin 02-04-18

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Vatican Corner 01-28-18

VATICAN CORNER The widely reported “spontaneous” wedding performed by Pope Francis flying over Chile may not have been as spontaneous as it appeared, and may have been planned well in advance. The December 19, 2017 edition of the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio had an...

Pastors Desk 01-28-18

Jesus' world was a demon-haunted world. Men and women in the ancient world believed in demons. Demons for them were intensely real. The first century world was one of pain and suffering. There was no relief from pain. It was a world of natural disasters that took a...

Bulletin 01-28-18

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Vatican Corner 01-21-18

VATICAN CORNER After accepting the invitations of the two countries’ leader and their bishops, eighty-one-year-old Pope Francis will be visiting Chile and Peru from January 15th through 21st, 2018. This is his fifth visit to La n America, and his 22nd visit abroad....

Bulletin 01-21-18

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Pastors Desk 01-21-18

The month of December is a busy month for most parishes in the US. Our parish, which is one of the most active parishes in the diocese of Oakland, becomes fully alive with various kinds of preparations and celebrations during the month of December. Immediately after...

Vatican Corner 01-14-18

VATICAN CORNER  In Christianity, the mortal remains of deceased saints are associated with the holiness of their souls which await reunion with their bodies in the resurrection; therefore those mortal remains should receive special care and veneration (deep respect)....

Pastors Desk 01-14-18

In the book, No Bad Dogs, British dog trainer Barbara Woodhouse says dogs understand love better than we do. She writes, “In a dog’s mind, a master or a mistress to love, honor, and obey is an absolute necessity. Love is dormant in the dog until brought into full...

Vatican Corner 01-07-18

VATICAN CORNER This year the Nativity scene in St. Peter’s Square is not getting rave reviews from some people. It is criticized for not being the peaceful scene of a silent night, all cozy calm and bright. Ever since Pope Saint John Paul II moved the Nativity to the...

Pastors Desk 01-07-18

The Magi were not Kings, but a caste of Persian priests who served Kings using their skills in interpreting dreams and watching movements of stars. The sixth century Italian tradition that there were three Magi, Casper, Balthazar, and Melchior, is based on the fact...

Bulletin 01-14-18

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Bulletin 01-07-18

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Vatican Corner 12-31-17

VATICAN CORNER Christmas 2017 is being celebrated with a new postage stamp series jointly created by the Vatican and the principality of Monaco. The stamps feature the artwork of Stefano Morri, and show the Annunciation of Our Lady, and the Virgin & Child, while...

Pastors Desk 12-31-17

Pope Francis said that as a child, he heard a story of a family with a mother, father, many children and a grandfather. The grandfather, suffering from Parkinson’s illness, would drop food on the dining table, and smear it all over his face when he ate. His son...

Bulletin 12-31-17

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Bulletin 12-24-17

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Vatican Corner 12-24-17

VATICAN CORNER The Vatican’s Christmas tree this year is a 60 year old giant 69 foot high red fir which lost its !p when it was hit by lighting some years ago. It was given by the archdiocese of Elk, in northeastern Poland. A member of the forestry service cut down...

Pastors Desk 12-24-17

The FBI agents conducted a raid in a psychiatric hospital in Santiago that was under investigation for medical insurance fraud. After hours of reviewing thousands of medical records, the dozens of agents were terribly hungry. The chief in charge of the investigation...

Vatican Corner 12-17-17

VATICAN CORNER In another round of sick propaganda, Islamic State terrorist have threatened the Vatican and Pope Francis in a poster that was placed on social media showing a masked man in a rear view mirror looking through a car windshield at the Vatican. He has...

Pastors Desk 12-17-17

The third Sunday of Advent is called “Gaudete Sunday” because the Mass for today (in its original Latin text), begins with the opening antiphon: “Gaudete in Domino semper” -“Rejoice in the Lord always.” To remind ourselves that we are preparing for the very joyful...

Bulletin 12-17-17

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