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Vatican Corner 12-25-16

VATICAN CORNER The Christmas tree and Nativity scene in St. Peter’s Square this year, while very beautiful, also highlight social issues such as care for the environment, inspiration for the sick, and the plight of migrants. The 82 ft. high spruce tree came from the...

Bulletin 12-25-16

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Vatican Corner 12-18-16

VATICAN CORNER Since July, 2016, a white and blue-striped RV style van marked with a Vatican City license plate and coat of arms has been running around Rome bringing free medical care to the poor. The RV was converted into a mobile medical unit and donated by the...

Pastors Desk 12-18-16

The great writer Max Lucado tells about his neighbor who was trying to teach his six-year-old son how to shoot a basketball. They were out in the backyard. The father shot a couple of times, saying, “Do it just like that, son; it’s real easy.” The little boy tried...

Bulletin 12-18-16

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Vatican Corner 12-11-16

VATICAN CORNER On September 19, 2016, four prominent cardinals wrote a letter to Pope Francis and to Cardinal Gerhard Müller, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, citing conflicting interpretations of the Apostolic Exhortation on Love in the...

Pastors Desk 12-11-16

A number of years ago, a young college student was working as an intern at his college’s Museum of Natural History. One day while working at the cash register in the gift shop, he saw an elderly couple come in with a little girl in a wheelchair. As he looked more...

Bulletin 12-11-16

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Las Posadas 2016

Fri   16 7:00pm Novena Sat  17 7:00pm Novena Sun 18 7:00pm Novena Mon 19 7:00pm Novena Tues 20 7:00pm Novena Wed  21 7:00pm Novena Thurs 22 7:00pm Novena Fri     23 7:00pm Novena Sat   24 6:00pm Spanish Mass

Simbang Gabi 2016

Fri     16 5:30am Novena Mass Sat    17 5:30am Novena Mass Sun   18 5:30am Novena Mass Mon   19 5:30am Novena Mass Tues  20 5:30am Novena Mass Wed   21 5:30am Novena Mass Thurs 22 5:30am Novena Mass Fri     23 5:30am Novena Mass Sat    24 5:30am Novena...

Immaculate Conception 2016

Thursday  08 7:00am English Mass 8:30am English Mass 7:00pm Bilingual Mass Saturday  10 6:00pm Spanish Mass, followed by Rosary in the Gym  

Our Lady of Guadalupe Novena 2016

Sat       03 5:30pm Rosary & Novena Mass Sun      04 5:30pm Rosary & Novena Mass Mon      05 6:30pm Rosary & Novena Mass Tues     06 6:30pm Rosary & Novena Mass Wed     07 6:30pm Rosary & Novena Mass Thurs    08 6:30pm Rosary & Novena Mass...

New Year 2017

  Saturday  31 4:30pm Mass English 6:00pm Mass Spanish 7:00pm New Years Eve Celebration  in the Hall Midnight  — Benediction ******************************************************* Sunday  01 7:30am   Mass English 9:00am   Mass English 10:30am Mass English 12:15pm...

Christmas 2016

Saturday  24 5:30am    Simbang Gabi 4:30 pm   Mass English 6:00pm    Mass Spanish 7:00pm    Las Posadas 11:30pm  Christmas Carols                   Midnight Mass—English ******************************* Sunday 25 7:30am   Mass English 9:00am   Mass English 10:30am Mass...

Reconciliation 2016

     Wednesday  14   Communal Reconciliation at  7:00 PM  in the Church   Bilingual

Our Lady of Guadalupe 2016

                             Thursday   01 Diocesan Pilgrimage for Our Lady of Guadalupe                            St. Joachim Gym  7:00 PM Presentation by  Msgr. Eduardo  Chávez in Spanish  

Pastors Desk 12-4-16

When the three astronauts, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, landed on the moon, they were the very first human beings in history who could view our planet, Earth, from the outside. As they gazed from outer space and even tried to locate the various...

Vatican corner 12-4-16

VATICAN CORNER Pope Francis formally ended the Jubilee Year of Mercy by saying a prayer thanking God for the gift of the Jubilee year and then pulling the tall gilded Holy Doors to the Basilica closed. Workers immediately removed the door handles and then later...

Bulletin 12-4-16

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December 2016 Events

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Vatican Corner 11-27-16

VATICAN CORNER Before the U.S. presidential election, a fake news website - WTOE 5 NEWS falsely reported that Pope Francis had endorsed Republican candidate Donald Trump. That website is a fantasy news site where most of its articles are satire or pure fabrication....

Pastors Desk 11-27-16

There is a beautiful anecdote given by Msgr. Arthur Tonne clarifying the message of today’s Gospel. Several years ago a bus driver in Oklahoma reached an unusual record. In 23 years he had driven a bus over 900,000 miles without a single accident. When asked how he...

Bulletin 11-27-16

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Vatican Corner 11-20-16

VATICAN CORNER Staircases bind spaces together. They come in many forms: single run, switchback, L-shaped, curved, triangular, spiral and double spiral. The double spiral or double-helix consisting of two intertwined spirals is one of the most remarkable types, and...