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Immaculate Conception Celebration

The Nicaraguan Group invite you to celebrate the Immaculate Conception Day on December 6, 2014 for the 6 PM Mass followed by a Live Rosary in the Gym. Come join us to Prai se Our Holy Mother.

Bulletin 11-30-14

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Vatican Corner 11-29-14

In Early October 2014, Archbishop Konrad Krajewski, the Papal Almoner, the head of the department that distributes charity on behalf of the Pope, was talking to Franco a homeless man from Sardinia and found out that it was his 50th birthday. The man had been living on...

Nota de Nuestro Pastor – 11-29-14

Hay un psicólogo de Harv ard llamado Howard Gardner quien está intentando revolucionar el estudio de la inteligencia. Dice que hemos estado estudiando el I.Q. muy mal. La mayoría de todas las pruebas de inteligencia qu e las instituciones de aprendizaje y empleo...

Pastor’s Desk – 11-29-14

There is a psychologist at Harvard named Howard Gardner who is trying to revolutionize the study of intelligence. He says that we have been studying I.Q. all wrong. Almost all the intelligence tests the institutions of learning and employment conduct only measure one...

Nota de nuestro Pastor – 11-23-14

Como un Sacerdote procedente de la India,   encuentro tantas cosas fascinantes en los     Estados Unidos. Las hermosas costas, parques nacionales, ríos, montañas con nieve, poderosos puentes, trenes largos, caminos y control de tráfico, limpieza en lugares públicos,...

Vatican Corner 11-23-14

Vatican Corner Practically every continent has some version of           Thanksgiving, from Africa's Kwanzaa, India's Pongal to China's August Moon Festival. Each of these cultures     celebrates the end of the harvest with a shared feast of the bounty. In Italy many...

Pastor’s Desk 11-23-14

As a priest coming from India, I find so many fascinating things in the U.S. The beautiful seashores, National parks, mighty rivers, snowy mountains, mighty bridges, mile long trains, roads and traffic management, Cleanliness in public places etc., are some of these....

Bulletin 11-23-14

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Bulletin 11-16-14

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Bulletin 11-9-14

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Bulletin 11-2-14

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Bulletin 10-26-14

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Crab Feed 2015

St. Joachim School 5th Annual Crab Feed/Auction Saturday, February 7, 2015 5:30 –9: 00 PM Tickets are available online at: $45 person before January 7th / $50 per person after Jan 7th