Fr. Dhan Pham SVD has been working in St. Joachim parish as Parochial Vicar for the last two years. His tenure in our parish comes to an end on June 30th, 2020. He will be taking charge as the Pastor of St. John the Evangelist Parish in the diocese of Los Angeles from July 1st, 2020. Fr. Ricardo Gonzalez SVD, who was born in Mexico and currently, working as the Parish Administrator at St. John the Evangelist Parish in the diocese of Los Angeles, is transferred to our parish as the Parochial Vicar in the place of Fr. Danh Pham. Fr. Ricardo Gonzalez’s appointment to our parish takes effect from July 1st, 2020. A hearty welcome to Fr. Ricardo Gonzalez SVD. After having worked with Fr. Dhan Pham SVD for the last two years, I can certainly say that he is one of the good priests with whom I have had the fortune to work with. He had no other commitment other than to work in our parish. As a result, he was always available to respond positively to a sick call, house blessing, to go and give communion to home bound parishioner, etc. He was also ready to accept a change in the mass schedule for the month and the offer the mass at short notice on any day. Every evening before retiring to his room, it had been his habit to check all the facilities in our church campus to make sure that they are properly cleaned and locked. That only shows the love and commitment he has for our parish and its properties. Whenever he felt that something needed to be corrected or changed, he did not hesitate to tell me. I could always rely on him to carry out a task to my satisfaction. Certainly, I will miss his companionship. In the name of our St. Joachim Parish, I express my heartfelt appreciation for all that he has been to our parish and wish God’s blessings upon his new assignment as the pastor of St. John the Evangelist parish in the diocese of Los Angeles. St. Joachim Parish will certainly miss his dedicated service. —————————————————————————– As we are not having regular worship in our church due to Corona Pandemic, our maintenance man Mr. Abelardo Viveros took up the initiative to paint the dividing walls between the Sunday Mass section and the daily mass section of our church. Painting of that part of the church immediately made us aware of how dirty the interior walls of our church were. Upon enquiry we also came to know that it was 30 years back the interior walls of the church were painted. Therefore it was decided to paint the entire walls of the interior part of the church. Mr. Abelardo Viveros, Mr. Ernesto Vasquez, Mr. Francisco Munoz, Mr. Alonzo Garcia, Mr. Victor Nochebuena, Mr. Manuel Ochoa, Mr. Manuel Perez ,Mr. Jose Marroquin and Mr. Ramiro Mares came together every evening and worked together for two to three hours and completed the job of painting the entire interior walls of our church. Mrs. Enda Valderrama donated the needed paints to carry out the work. A BIG THANKS to everyone who helped to give a facelift to the interior of walls our church.