The Vatican announced on January 13, 2021 that Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI have received their first doses of the Covid-19 vaccine and that the Vatican’s program of vaccinations has begun. The program is entirely voluntary and the vaccine being offered is the one developed by Pfizer and BioNTech. The 84-year old Pope Francis is at high risk from the virus because a part of his lungs was removed following an illness when he was a young man. The 93 –year old Benedict is also at high risk because he is frail and suffering from a number of ailments related to old age such as arthritis. The Vatican’s program gives priority to health care workers, public safety personnel, the elderly and those most frequently in contact with the public. Next in priority are Citizens of Vatican City State, Vatican employees and pensioners, as well as those family members entitled to use the Vatican health care system. Young people under the age of 18 are being excluded for the present time, since studies of that age group have not yet been completed. There have been fewer than 30 cases of coronavirus in the Vatican and most have been among the Swiss Guard, who live together in communal barracks. It was reported that the Pope’s personal doctor since 2015, Fabrizio Soccorsi –age 78, had died of complications from Covid-19. He was in the hospital being treated for cancer. In recent weeks, Francis has spoken about the vaccines. In an interview on Jan. 10, 2021 he said “I believe that ethically everyone should take the vaccine. It is not an option, it is an ethical choice because you are gambling with your health, with your life, but you are also gambling with the lives of others,” He lamented that some people are saying that they will not take a vaccine. He said “I do not understand why some say this could be a dangerous vaccine. If the doctors are presenting this to you as a thing that will go well and doesn’t have any special dangers, why not take it? There is a suicidal denialism that I would not know how to explain, but today people must take the vaccine.” Several vaccine candidates were developed using the cells derived from aborted fetuses decades ago, but no fetus cells are in any of the vaccines. Back in December, the Vatican doctrinal office issued a statement saying it is “morally acceptable” for Catholics to take the new vaccines. The Vatican said: in the absence of any alternative, such vaccines “can be used in good conscience” and this would “not constitute formal co-operation” with the abortion from which the cells used in production of the vaccines derive.” The US Conference of Catholic Bishops similarly agreed, and said the connection between an abortion that occurred decades ago and the vaccines is remote. Pope Francis had approved the Vatican’s statement and the statement also said there was “a moral imperative” to ensure that poorer countries received access to effective vaccines. The Vatican also reminded world leaders that vaccines must be provided to all fairly and equitably, prioritizing those most in need. “it is a master of justice. This is the time to show we are one human family.”