Vatican Corner 05-03-2020

There is an army of women religious throughout the world who are combating the Covid-19 pandemic. As well as the nurse nuns who care for the sick in the hospitals, there are thousands of women religious who are using prayer to fight the virus. In Italy some nuns use megaphone on their convent balconies to pray the rosary. Other nuns have learned to use social media to broadcast their novenas and prayers on the internet. Cloistered nuns secluded in their monasteries are even more dedicated to their sacrifice and prayer. In the northern Italian city of Bergarno, in one of the most affected city by the virus, in the Benedictine monastery of Santa Grata, the Mother Superior Sr. Maria Teresa says they are not isolated from the news and they have TV and internet. They “know the current pain of the world.” She said it is precisely in this unfortunate “me that cloistered women have intensified their prayer: “Indeed, we are engaged in a real marathon of prayers.” She explained that her sisters are receiving requests for prayers from all over the world “and we have gladly armed ourselves with rosaries, novenas” and an ancient prayer that is a tradition of the monastery, “which our ancestors used in “mes of calamity.” Sr. Maria also said all the nuns are in contact with the health care staff of the city hospital, many of whom are on the brink of collapse, and the nuns share their pain and listen “as they tell us about the tragedy experienced in the first person.” “We do our part not forgetting that the body also has a soul that must be defended and saved,” and that this is one of the ways the battle against the coronavirus can be won. A prayer for nurses and nursing staff: Dear heavenly Father, how we thank You for those men and women who have dedicated themselves to nursing the sick and dying, and we pray that You would give them strength and grace as they tend to the ailments, injuries and sicknesses of so many people in their care. We pray that You give them the strength and courage to be able to face the many hurts and health problems of those that come into their clinics or hospital, and we ask that You would give them wisdom and patience to tend to the sick with kindness – and to be able to minister graciously to those that are facing problems or severe illnesses. Father we pray that You would bestow on them the strength, dedication and skill that’s needed to face the many challenges to their nursing training and skills – especially when they are weary or tired. And we pray that You would use those nurses that are Your children to be a true witness to Your love and grace in Jesus name we pray, Amen