Another poor reason people give for not taking the vaccines is concern about side effects. The vaccines can sometimes cause aches, fever and fatigue but only for a short time. In fact such side effects are a sign that the vaccine is getting the immune system ready for a Covid -19 attack. It is very rare that blood clots are a side effect. So far there have been only 28 cases of blood clots in the 8.7 million people who got the Johnson & Johnson shot, and none have been found in anyone who got the Moderna or Pfizer shots. Long term health risks such as infertility are just unproven rumors. The real and present health risk is the virus. Another concern people have is the authorization of the vaccine by the Food and Drug Administration is only for emergency use. There have been many safety and efficacy checks already but six months of follow-up on those who received the vaccine in the clinical trials is required for full approval. The Pfizer vaccine has just received full approval and the Moderna vaccine should receive full approval and soon. That may encourage more people to get vaccinated. Non-trust in the government agencies or companies that developed the vaccines is another poor reason used to avoid the vaccines. Educational campaigns can possibly get people to change their minds. There are a variety of conspiracy theories about the vaccine which have been spread by only a handful of people using the internet and social media. Lies and myths are easily propagated nowadays, and people need to stop and use their common sense, and question the messages they are receiving and their sources. If enough people are not convinced to get the vaccine, the virus could lurk around for years to come. The Vatican so far has had 27cases of Coronavirus, with 0 deaths, and those 27 people recovered. The whole of Italy is currently in the “white” Covid status which permits travel freely throughout the country. It also means there is no curfew and masks do not need to be worn outdoors if distant from others, when exercising, or anywhere if eating or drinking. It is a paradox, but given the immense tragedy that has caused the need for these rules, there has never been a better time to visit the Vatican. You will have the place nearly to yourself, guided tours will be limited to ten, and visitor numbers will be strictly regulated by time slots. You may no longer line up to buy tickets for the Vatican Museums, they instead must be booked in advance. You must arrive on time. If you miss the very short time-slot you have been allocated to start your visit, you will be denied entry. The Vatican is a different country than Italy and its own laws apply. You must wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose during your visit to the Vatican Museums. You may be expelled from the Museums if you break this rule, or even prosecuted. These rules also include visits to the Vatican Gardens, but there is now a great socially-distanced open-topped bus tour of the gardens